Decorative Curio Door

Liven up any room with the Decorative Curio Door!

  • Features a Fun Aquatic Scene
  • Made of Plexiglas®
  • Also Provided with Lights and Electronic Music Box
  • Other Themes Such As Children’s Toys, Disney® Characters, Racing Cars, and More are Possible
  • Easy to Manufacture


Utility Patent #9,677,756

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Steve Marcell Johnson of Cordova, TN has created a novelty decorative door.

Everyone loves to style a room according to their personal taste. Designers and homeowners want the ability to achieve a popular, yet unique and easily changeable decorative room appearance. However, one important element of many decorated rooms is that of the door itself. Its presence almost always remains standard and unchanged. In turn, Inventor Johnson created the Decorative Curio Door. Now consumers can liven up any room with this great new panel for a door!

This clever new invention features a fun aquatic scene. It is provided with lights and an electronic music box. Other themes such as childrens toys, Disney characters, racing cars, and more are possible. It is made of Plexiglas and is easy to manufacture. The Decorative Curio Door lets consumers decorate a normally inaccessible area of a home or business with the added benefit of easy and quick user customization, to yield a living space that readily reflects the occupants tastes. Act now!

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