Protective Decorative Cover for Back of Automobile Seat

Inventors Kari Gore and Casey Gore of Sackets Harbor, NY have developed a product to keep the back of a car seat clean and free of debris from childrens shoes.

  • Keeps Vehicles Cleaner
  • Comes in Variety of Colors/Patterns
  • Fits All Vehicle Seats
  • Easily Attachable
  • Standard or Aftermarket


Utility Patent #8,556,338

Story Behind the Invention

For parents and others involved in raising children, there are certain safety precautions taken while traveling in an automobile, including using safety seats. While they provide the best safety for a child that technology can provide, they do raise the child upward and forward, making it easier for them to kick their feet and reach the surface of the seat in front of them.

Not only is this kicking and tapping motion aggravating for others in the vehicle, but it also leaves scuff marks and dirt on the back of the seat. Such marks and dirt obviously require time and care to remove can negatively affect the resale value of the car if they are permanent. Inventors Gore have created a simple way to keep the backs of car seats free of dirt and debris.

This clever new invention keeps vehicles cleaner by covering the back of the car seat. It fits all vehicle seats, is easily attachable, and can be included as a standard feature or as an aftermarket accessory. Also, the invention is available in a variety of colors and patterns to suit the users tastes. The use of the Protective Decorative Cover for Back of Automobile Seat protects seat backs from dirt marks and scuffs, thus preserving a motor vehicles value and preventing time-consuming cleaning.

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