Decorative Attachment for Side View Mirrors

The invention is an ornamental attachment that can be displayed on the exterior surface of side view mirrors on motor vehicles.

  • Friction fit clips hug mirror
  • Endless theme & logo possibilities
  • Doesn't cause damage like stickers
  • Unique & eye-catching
  • Easily attached & removed

Story Behind the Invention

The motoring public is always looking for ways to make their motor vehicle stand out from the rest. One only has to look at the abundance of bumper stickers to realize that this is true. Bumper stickers also allow drivers to voice their opinion on just about everything. However, while bumper stickers are a fun way of self-expression, they are far from unique. A large percentage of motor vehicles have two or more bumper stickers. Since this is the case, Inventor Hanlon has created a means by which the motoring public can attract attention in a whole new way.

This clever new invention has friction fit clips that hug the side view mirrors of a motor vehicle, which do not cause damage as is the case with stickers. The invention allows for endless themes and logos to be displayed on ones motor vehicle in an eye-catching and unique manner. The use of the Decorative Attachment for Side View Mirrors provides for the identification and distinction of a motor vehicle in a manner that is quick, easy and effective.

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