Decor Adaptable Furniture

The Decor Adaptable Furniture allows furniture to be changed at any time to create entirely new looks!

  • Changes the Look of Furniture in a Matter of Minutes
  • Saves Cost of New Furniture
  • Unique Aesthetically Appealing Look
  • Furniture Can Be Changed on a Seasonal or Special Occasion Basis
  • Customize Your Own Design, Add Pictures or Wording


Design Patent #D774,380

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Devorah Apter and Joseph Apter of Spring Valley, NY have created a means by which furniture can be changed at any time to create entirely new looks!

Todays consumer is very concerned that any investment they make in an interior decorating item, particularly furniture, will not only be long lasting, but stylish for years to come as well. With the Dcor Adaptable Furniture, users will be able to change the look of their room every so often in a cost effective and fun manner. No longer will they have to be stuck with their old furniture when they can easily update it!

This clever new invention changes the look of furniture in a matter of minutes. It saves users the cost of new furniture. It has a unique aesthetically appealing look. Furniture can be changed on a seasonal or special occasion basis for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and more! Customize your own design, add pictures or wording. The Dcor Adaptable Furniture makes it so easy to give any home, restaurant, or business a fresh new look!

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