Deadbolt Lock Plate

The Deadbolt Lock Plate is a door locking mechanism with an integral self-contained light source.

  • Provides Illumination during Nighttime Hours
  • No Fumbling To Insert Key into Lock
  • Increases Personal Safety
  • Ideal for Those with Vision Problems
  • Available in Various Finishes, Styles, and Sizes


Design Patent #D734,126

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Sebastian Gomez and Irene Macias of Fresno, CA have created a door locking mechanism with an integral self-contained light source.

Inserting a key into a lock during nighttime hours can be anything but easy. If a flashlight is available, the user must use one hand to hold the key while holding the flashlight with the other hand. Any items such as purses, briefcases, mail, or the like must be set on the ground. If a flashlight or other object that illuminates such as a cell phone screen is not available, the user is forced to fumble in the dark, taking additional time in which personal safety may also be compromised. Inventors Gomez and Macias have created a means by which keys can be inserted into deadbolt locks when its dark, without issue.

This clever new invention provides illumination during nighttime hours. It eliminates fumbling when inserting a key into a lock. It increases personal safety. The invention is ideal for those with vision problems. It is available in various finishes, styles, and sizes. The use of the Deadbolt Lock Plate provides for increased illumination levels while accessing door deadbolts, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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