Date System for Food Storage Containers

The DateSystem for Food Storage Containers is a permanent and reusable attachmentfor food containers that indicates the date the food inside of the containerwas originally made or stored.

  • For Use in Restaurants or Residential Kitchens
  • Helps Assist with Food Safety Regulations
  • Effective and Reusable
  • Easy To Read
  • Will Not Fall Off or Smudge


Utility Patent #8,966,793

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas E. Custren, a cook from Hatboro, PA has created a permanent and reusable attachment for food containers that indicates the date the food inside of the container was originally made or stored.

It is important to monitor the expiration date on food products in a restaurant or home to make sure that only the freshest, non-outdated food is being consumed. While containers can be provided with labels, such labels can fall off, become smeared or even become confusing when marked with other dates. Consuming spoiled food can seriously jeopardize ones health. Additionally, legal ramifications of using outdated food can be costly. Inventor Custren has created a means by which food product containers can be easily marked with the current date to eliminate these problems.

This clever new invention is for use inside restaurants or residential kitchens. It helps assist with food safety regulations. It is effective and reusable. It is easy to read. It will not fall off or smudge. The use of the Date System for Food Storage Containers provides a means to date food products stored in resealed containers in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but safe as well.

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