Dashboard-Mounted Hazardous Materials Sign

  • Provides Increased Safety
  • Hook-And-Loop Fastener
  • Removable
  • Multiple Warning Symbols
  • Red, White & Black in Color


Design Patent D692,338

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dennis L. Lee, a truck driver from Roscoe, IL, has designed a handy device to remind drivers of their responsibility to drive safely when hauling hazardous materials.

With the ever-increasing volume of cars on the road, traffic accidents continue to be an all too common occurrence. A true accident that may involve other drivers, adverse road conditions, or other factors out of the control of the driver may never be completely eliminated. Accidents involving forgetfulness or a momentary lapse of driver attention can definitely be avoided, but periods of long driving often lead to lack of attention and mistakes are likely to happen. Some of these mistakes may even be made by those who have a direct impact on the safety of others, such as haz-mat carriers, where drivers are required by law to stop at every railroad crossing. However, these truck drivers may accidentally travel over such crossings without stopping. Inventor Lee has created a solution to help constantly remind hazardous material drivers to stop at all railroad crossings. Being a truck driver himself, Inventor Lee has first-hand experience dealing with this issue and the potential risks that may result.

This clever new invention provides increased safety for haz-mat truck drivers with its highly visible warning symbols and bright, eye-catching design. Drivers can simply mount the invention on their dashboard using an adhesive-backed hook and loop fastener, such as Velcro. When no longer needed, the invention is just as easy to remove as it is to mount. The use of the Dashboard-Mounted Hazardous Materials Sign provides a simple, yet effective reminder for the increased safety of haz-mat drivers as well as others sharing the road.

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