Customizable Hitch Cover

The invention is a receiver hitch cover that can hold a photographinside of sealed frame.

  • Makes Hitches Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Standard or Retrofit Accessory
  • Various Models for Various Sizes
  • Weatherproof
  • Perfect Gift For Vehicle Enthusiasts


Design Patent #D644572

Story Behind the Invention

InventorJames W. Edick of Golden Valley, AZ has designeda receiver hitch cover that can hold a photograph inside a sealed frame.

There are a widevariety of motor vehicles that are equipped with a receiver hitch.  Such hitches provide the ability to towtrailers, carry bike racks, or any number of useful functions.  However, when not in use, such receiverhitches are often an eyesore that detracts from the overall aesthetic appeal ofthe motor vehicle.  Manufacturers haveresponded to this situation by offering slide-on covers which display motorvehicle logos, manufacturing logos, and other similar graphic elements.  While these solutions may work, they justafford free advertising for the depicted company and do very little to allowthe user to customize his or her vehicle. Inventor Edick has created a meansby which motor vehicle receiver hitches can be covered in a manner that allowsfor individual expression.

This clever new invention makes vehicle hitchesmore aesthetically pleasing.  It can be astandard or retrofit accessory, and would be made available in varioussizes.  Additionally, the cover isweatherproof as to not ruin the photograph.   The use of the Customizable Hitch Cover allows forcustomization of receiver hitch equipped vehicles in a manner which allows forthe expression of individuality.

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