Custom Knee Board for Pilots

  • HighlyCustomizable
  • Zipper Edgesfor Add-On Pieces
  • Attach Itemswith Velcro as Well
  • Easy Access toItems
  • Attach to Thighwith Strap


Patent #8,201,718

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Pedro J. Vargas-Lebron of Tucson,AZ has developed a modular knee boardsystem with detachable and interchangeable side pockets andaccessories.

Kneeboards are often used by airplane pilots. They allow pilots to referto charts, documents and checklists, write on a pad, and performother similar procedures in crowded cockpits where horizontal flatsurfaces are at a premium. There are many different varieties ofthese knee boards, but not one board satisfies every pilots needs. Therefore, pilots tend to make modifications that are notprofessional looking or aesthetically pleasing. As a solutioninventor Pedro developed a knee board that meets multiple needs.

Thisclever new invention features edges with zippers for add on piecesand has the ability to attach items with Velcro. Iteasily attaches to the pilots thigh with a strap. Additionally,the invention is highly customizable and all of the items are easy toaccess. The use of the Custom Knee Board for Pilots providespilots with a knee board to suit all of their specific needs andwants.

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