Curved Reciprocating Saw Blade

The Curved Reciprocating Saw Blade has a bow-shaped blade.

  • Produces Higher Quality Job
  • Cuts in Places Other Blades Cannot
  • Reduces Dangerous Kickback and Blade Chatter
  • Ideal for All Types of Construction Work
  • Fits All Brands of Reciprocating Saws


Design Patent #D720,585

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Samuel Gardner, Donald Gardner, and Hugh Gardner of Cocoa, FL have created a reciprocating saw with a bow-shaped blade.

A reciprocating saws ability to quickly cut in small, close quarters makes it a valuable tool. However, one area in which it does not do very well is when a cut is started in the middle of a surface, commonly known as a plunge cut. Should a user solely utilize the saw, the user risks kickbacks, excessive blade chattering, and possible injury should the blade break off under the high stress. A hole could be drilled to start the hole, but this takes time, and the use of another tool. Inventors Gardner have created a means by which reciprocating saws can be used without these issues.

This clever new invention produces a higher quality job. It cuts in places other blades cannot. It reduces dangerous kickback and blade chatter. The device is ideal for all types of construction work. It fits all brands of reciprocating saws. The use of the Curved Reciprocating Saw Blade allows for quick cutting operations without the disadvantages, and possible surface damage associated with conventional reciprocating saw blades.

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