Curio Cabinet with Gun Storage

The Curio Cabinet with Gun Storage is a flat back curio cabinet with a hidden compartment for housing firearms.

  • Beautiful Curio Display
  • Hidden Rear Compartment
  • Hold Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, and Other Firearms
  • Quick and Easy Access to Guns
  • Also Holds Collectibles, Knick-Knacks, Fragile Items, and the Like

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel W. Steffen of El Paso, IL has created a flat back curio cabinet with a hidden compartment for housing firearms.

Responsible firearm owners typically keep their weapons locked, and out of sight at all times. Many gun owners resort to the use of a gun safe for such purposes. However, the mere presence of a gun safe will alert others that firearms are present within a household. Additionally, many households do not have the available storage space for a large gun safe. Many gun safes are placed within garages, basements, or other areas which are not readily accessible when quick access to a firearm is required. Inventor Steffen has created a means by which firearms can be safely and securely stored without these issues.

This clever new invention has a beautiful curio display. It has a hidden rear compartment for holding rifles, handguns, shotguns, and other firearms. It provides quick and easy access to guns. It also holds collectibles, knick-knacks, fragile items, and the like. The use of the Curio Cabinet with Gun Storage provides a safe and secure location to house firearms, in a manner which is not apparent to others while saving space, and offering convenience at the same time.

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