Cover for Hanging Planters

The invention eliminates the need to water plants daily. The stylish cover conforms to moss style hanging baskets which slows the evaporation process.

  • Decreases Watering Frequency
  • Conforms & Holds Tight to Planter
  • Slows the Evaporation of Water
  • Reduces Amount of Water Dripping from Planter
  • Decorative Design to Fit Your Style

Story Behind the Invention

Many people use hanging baskets with a moss style outer layer to hold outdoor plants and flowers. These planters can be placed almost anywhere, and their low cost allows for multiple units. However, one disadvantage associated with the use of hanging plants is their open nature allows for rapid water evaporation. This forces the user to water the plants almost daily to keep them healthy. Inventor Graham has created a means by which the watering requirements for hanging planters can be modified to conserve time and water.

This clever new invention increases intervals between watering flowers and plants. It also prevents the ready evaporation of water and reduces the amount of water that drips from the planter. The invention conveniently conforms and holds tight to the planter. The use of the Cover for Hanging Planters allows users to ensure that all plants and flowers have enough water to remain healthy and beautiful.

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