Cotton Swab

The invention is the general shape and size of conventional ear cleaning swabs, but instead has an oblong O shape cleaning edge.

  • Removes any substance from the ear
  • Allows for better hearing
  • Fits almost everyones ears
  • Works better than conventional cotton swabs
  • Quicker than cleaning liquids


Patent #D654,165

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Racheale Yates of Sneedville, TN has designed a style of cotton swab that features an oblong O shaped swab on both ends.

Ear care is an important part of everyones general hygiene and health maintenance. In fact, many people are prone to wax buildup which can quickly lead to hearing problems, as well as more dangerous ear infections and diseases. Generally speaking, the cotton swab is the cleaning tool of choice for cleaning ones ears. While cotton swabs have been in use for many years and are generally effective, much wax is often left behind because the cotton swab simply pushes the wax around and does not remove it entirely. Inventor Yates has created a new style of cotton swab that actually pulls wax and other undesired material out of the ears.

This clever new invention works better than conventional cotton swabs because it removes any substance from the ear. As a result, it allows for clearer ear canals and better overall hearing. The invention is quicker and easier to use than cleaning liquids and will fit in just about everyones ears. The Cotton Swab provides individuals with a quick, safe, and easy way to more effectively clean their ears.
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