Cooler With Multiple Compartments

The invention is a Cooler with Multiple Compartments, featuring numerous independent storage compartments that allow for compartmentalized transportation and storage of items such as food, drinks, bait or caught fish without the hazard of cross-contamination.

  • Seamless Design to Prevent Leaking
  • Integral Plugs for Easy Draining
  • Lids for Each Compartment
  • Independently Sealed
  • Carry Only One Cooler
  • Multipurpose for Enhanced Convenience


Patent #8,256,242

Story Behind the Invention

Spendingtime in the great outdoors is among the most popular fair weatherleisure time activities. Be it fishing, camping, picnicking, havinga cookout, or just simply partying; a great deal of time is spentpreparing and consuming food and drink. A piece of equipmentcommonly found at these activities is the food cooler. However, manygatherings such as fishing trips, large outings, and the like, willutilize multiple coolers. One cooler will be used for food, anothercooler for drinks, a third may be used for bait, and perhaps a fourthused for holding caught fish. While multiple coolers are a necessityto prevent cross contamination between food and other items, thismeans that multiple large coolers must be packed, transported, andcarried to the utilization site.
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