Cooler with Locking Capabilities

The Cooler with Locking Capabilities is an insulated picnic cooler with an integral padlock system.

  • Prevents Stealing of Food or Beverage
  • Assures Integrity of Food Stored Inside
  • Helps Keep Small Animals out of Coolers
  • Perfect for Use at Picnic Pavilions
  • Great for Camping

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Rex E. Page of Rome, GA has created an insulated picnic cooler with an integral padlock system.

While camping, at a picnic, or a cookout, a device familiar to all of these activities is an insulated cooler that keeps food and beverages cold. These coolers are often stored in a public location. There is really nothing to stop anyone from opening the cooler and taking food or beverage items. Even small animals like raccoons or skunks can also be a threat to the contents of a cooler. Owners can never be sure if the food was tampered with while they were away. Inventor Page has created a means by which coolers can be secured to address these problems.

This clever new invention prevents stealing of food or beverage. It assures the integrity of food stored inside. It helps keep small animals out of coolers. It is perfect for use at picnic pavilions. It is also great for camping. The use of the Cooler with Locking Capabilities allows for the securing of picnic coolers as well as their contents in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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