Cookware with Divider

The Cookware with Divider is a divided cooking pan for cooking different types of food at once.

  • Cooks Multiple Foods in One Pan at One Time
  • No Cross Contamination
  • Removable Dividers
  • Various Sizes and Styles
  • Great for Restaurants, Cafeterias, or Home Use


Utility Patent # 8,800,804

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jason Roben of Houston, TX has created a divided cooking pan for cooking different types of food at once.

Pans are one of the most common kitchen utensils around. However, for all the different types of pans available, and the wide range of prices they cover, they all share one common trait. Each pan is capable of cooking or heating only one type of food at each time. This inefficiency causes cooks to use multiple baking pans to bake a cake, prepare a meal, or reheat leftovers. This results in not only greater energy usage, but also in increased clean up time as well. Inventor Roben has created a means by which multiple foods can be cooked, fried, or heated in a single pan.

This clever new invention cooks multiple foods in one pan at one time. There is no cross contamination. It has removable dividers. It comes in various sizes and styles. It is great for restaurants, cafeterias, or home use. The use of the Cookware with Divider allows one to prepare multiple foods with a reduced number of pans, in a manner which is not only quicker and more efficient, but saves energy and clean up time as well.

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