Cooking Utensil Gripping Glove

  • Reduces Painful Grease Burns
  • Protects Hands & Forearms
  • Adapts to All Sizes of Arms
  • Utensil Straps Increases Stability
  • Ideal in Home, Cafeteria & Restaurant Environments

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nicole Henry Smith of Danville, VA has designed a cooking glove that allows the user to safely prepare and cook foods that are likely to splatter hot grease.

As any chef will attest, attending to food while it is cooking or frying is of paramount importance. However, this proper tending to food is often difficult when frying foods in oil or grease. These foods can splatter, which may cause burns on one’s hand and arms. In an effort to avoid injury the food is often stirred at minimal intervals. Obviously, this negatively impacts the overall quality and taste of the final product. Inventor Smith has created a means by which one’s arms and hands can be protected when preparing foods that are likely to splatter.

This clever new invention is ideal for use in homes, cafeterias, and restaurants. It protects the hands and forearms from grease splatters, which reduces the chances of painful grease burns. The unique glove design can adapt to all arm sizes, and also has utensil straps for increased stability. The use of the Cooking Utensil Gripping Glove allows one to prepare and cook foods that are likely to splatter hot grease while increasing safety and ergonomic comfort.

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