Attachable Adjustable Conveyor Belt System for Combine

The invention is a conveyor system that empties combine bins into offloading vehicles.

  • Dual Sliding Chute System
  • Variable Length Upload Conveyor System
  • No Overhang of Fixed-Length of Auger
  • Minimal Power Required To Operate
  • Saves Time, Equipment Usage, & Money


Patent #8,241,098

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Leslie B. Latimer ofSeneca,IL hasdeveloped an innovative device which attaches to combines to improvetheir functionality.

Thefield of agriculture relies upon many different machines in order toimprove efficiency, and one of the most well-known of these machinesis the combine. Unfortunately, using a combine can be an arduoustask because the grain it harvests must then be emptied from thecombine bin to an offloading vehicle, such as a trailer. Conventionally, an auger-based screw system is used to empty thecombine bin, but this system is fraught with disadvantages. First,the overall length of an auger-based system is fixed which means thatthe offloading vehicles must be positioned a certain distance fromthe combine. Such distances are not always feasible based upon croplayout or any field obstructions and results in wasted time trying tomove the combine in place. Secondly, auger-based systems aredifficult to fully empty due to their design and reliance upon othersystems associated with the combine. Inventor Latimerhas created a unique system that allows combine bins to be easilyemptied without having to worry about the problems of a traditionalauger-based system.

Thisclever new invention uses a dual sliding chute system with one of theconveyor belts having the ability to vary in length as necessary,much unlike the conventional fixed length auger. The invention alsorequires minimal power to operate, which in turn helps to save time,equipment usage, and money. The use of the AttachableAdjustable Conveyor Belt System for Combineprovides for vastly superior operation of a combine without thedisadvantages of auger-based systems.

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