Condiment Caddie with Cutting Board

The invention is a cutting board with integral condiment storage compartment which attaches to barbeque grill.

  • Provides Additional Prep Space
  • Support Frame Locks to Grill Shelf
  • Holds Sauces, Condiments, Salts & Utensils
  • Transports to Dining Area After Grilling
  • Allows for Cutting & Food Prep Conducted at Grill


Design Patent #D655,939

Story Behind the Invention

Whetherat a family gathering, picnic or cookout a great deal of time isspent around the barbeque grill.  While grills have progressedin recent years there is still a lack of food preparations surfaces. An attempt to place a large cutting board on top of a grill sideusually results in failure, because the board is unsteady and proneto falling off.  Additionally, condiments, such as bastingsauces, glazes, and barbeque sauces, are afforded little room next tothe grill.  Inventor Tracy has created a means by whichadditional food preparation and storage space can be provided on theside of a grill.

Thisclever new invention conveniently attaches to the grill shelf, andprovides additional preparation space to cut food.  The uniquedesign holds sauces, condiments and utensils.  Additionally, itprovides an easy way to transport grilled foods to the dining area. The use of the Condiment Caddie with Cutting Board provides muchneeded food preparation and storage space on the side of a grill in amanner that is quick, easy and effective. 

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