Sliding Door Concealed Security Device

The invention is a patio door security mechanism with a lifting and releasing means which prevents the opening of the door.

  • Enhances Home Security
  • Mounts Along the Interior Door Frame
  • No Bending Necessary
  • Ideal For All Sliding Standard Size Doors
  • Great For Elderly or Disabled


Utility Patent #8,727,400

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Duane T. Marchand of Vancouver, WA has designed a concealed security bar for sliding doors.

Sliding glass doors have achieved a prominence in modern architecture. Commonly seen as access to a patio or deck, these doors fit a double-wide opening and open and close in a simple sliding motion. Sliding doors are desired for their aesthetic beauty and their convenient functionality; however, they are susceptible as a point of entry for burglars and thieves. The latches commonly used to lock sliding glass doors are easily defeated with the use of a pry bar. Many owners place a stick in the lower track to eliminate the possibility of the door sliding open, but such sticks are unsightly and require the user to bend over to position and retrieve it after use. Inventor Marchand has created a means by which sliding glass doors can secured in an easy and concealed manner.

This clever new invention easily mounts along the interior door frame on standard size sliding glass doors. Since the invention is so easy to install and requires no bending it is a great product for the elderly and disabled. The use of the Sliding Door Concealed Security Device allows owners of sliding glass doors to enjoy the decorative design and functionality, yet be assured that they are safe in their home.

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