Curio Cabinet with Concealed Gun Rack

The invention is a corner curio cabinet with a hidden compartment for housing firearms.

  • Outward Appearance of a Standard Curio 
  • Hidden Rear Compartment for Housing Firearms 
  • Hinge System Folds the Curio Cabinet 
  • Glass Doors for Easy Viewing 
  • Secures & Locks Firearms


Utility Patent 8,485,613

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Daniel Wayne Steffen and Darin Matthew Steffen of El Paso, IL have created a corner curio cabinet with a hidden compartment for housing firearms.

Responsible owners of firearms such as rifles, shotguns, handguns, and the like typically keep their weapons locked and out of sight at all times. Many gun owners resort to the use of a gun safe for such purposes. However, the mere presence of a gun safe will alert others that firearms are present within the household. Often households do not have the available storage space for a large gun safe. Many gun safes are placed within garages, basements, or other areas which are not readily accessible when quick assess to a firearm is required. Inventors Steffen have created a means by which firearms can be safely and securely stored without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention has an outward appearance of a standard curio. A hidden rear compartment is provided for housing firearms. A hinge system folds the curio cabinet. Glass doors are provided for easy viewing and the cabinet secures and locks firearms. The use of the Curio Cabinet with Concealed Gun Rack provides a safe and secure location to house firearms in a manner which is not apparent to others while saving space and offering convenience at the same time.

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