Computer Desk Bench

The invention is a computer desk bench that has retractable wheels and can accommodate more than one person at a time.

  • Accommodates More Than One User
  • Retractable Wheels
  • Under Seat Storage
  • Arms on Each End
  • Handle to Deploy & Retract Wheels


Design Patent D694,546

Story Behind the Invention

Whenever one works on the computer, oft times you will want to show someone nearby the results found and they have to look over your shoulder standing the entire time. Inventor George designed her desk bench to accommodate two users so one does not have to stand or kneel to view the monitor.

This clever new invention accommodates two users and has retractable wheels for safety. It also features storage under the seat area and has a handle to deploy and retract wheels making it very easy to use. The use of the Computer Desk Bench will allow more than one user to work at the same computer safely and comfortably

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