Component Rack And Shell System

The invention is a pickup truck shell with an integral component rack.

  • Mounts To Pickup Truck Bed
  • Features A Built-In Component Rack
  • Has Removable Panels For Storage
  • Has Many Customizable Camper Shell Configurations
  • Can Be Used On Most Pickups


Patent #7,988,218

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Robert Joseph Devine of Kirkland, WA has invented a new pickup truck shell with an integral cargo rack.

Pickup truck camper shells are becoming more and more common as truck accessories. These items allow pickup trucks to be used for a host of additional tasks, such as providing shelter for campers or for utility and storage purposes. However, such shells can affect the normal uses of a pickup truck and, in the case of camping, reduce available storage space. Inventor Devine created the Component Rack and Shell System to help solve these problems.

This clever new invention mounts to the bed of a pickup truck like a normal shell. The shell also incorporates a built-in component rack to allow for additional transport of items of all sizes. The customized camper shell configurations allow the invention to be used with most pickup trucks. Also, this unique shell has removable panels for easy storage. The use of the Component Rack and Shell System is a simple and effective way to add utility and value to your pickup truck.

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