Compact Air Compressor and Vehicle Jack

This invention is a vehicle jack operated by an air compressor with the same overall size, shape, and format of a common briefcase

  • Raises Vehicles Without Physical Exertion
  • Simplifies Tire Changing Process
  • Ideal For Those With Physical Limitations
  • Saves Time & Improves Safety
  • Part of OEM/Aftermarket Accessory


Utility Patent #9,056,755

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel W. Moy of Londonderry, NH has developed an easier, less strenuous way for car owners to raise their vehicles when performing automotive work.

Unexpected roadside vehicle repairs, such as changing a flat tire, are an all too common occurrence. The remedy for these situations often involves accessing the underside of the vehicle or lifting the vehicle in order to fix the problem. This usually requires using a car jack which involves the use of physical exertion through a lever or screw system to produce the power necessary to raise the vehicle. Sometimes the operator does not have the physical strength required to manually lift the car with a car jack, and the service of a tow truck is required to perform the necessary repairs or to tow the car somewhere where the proper equipment is available. Inventor Moy has created a compact device that automatically raises and lowers a motor vehicle without requiring physical exertion.

This clever new invention helps to simplify the tire changing process by effortlessly lifting a vehicle with the use of an inflatable bladder. It is ideal for those with physical limitations and saves time and improves safety for the user, no matter their stature. Also, the invention could be included as either an OEM or aftermarket accessory. The use of the Compact Air Compressor and Vehicle Jack allows one to easily raise and lower motor vehicles as a conventional jack does, but without the associated physical exertion that is usually required.

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