Commercial Grade Safety Plate

The Commercial Grade Safety Plate is a safety plate for wiring and plumbing installed in metal studs.

  • Protects Concealed Wiring and Plumbing Lines
  • Made of Stamped Steel
  • Allows For Future Movement and Re-Use
  • Helps Comply with NEC Requirements
  • Great for Electricians, Plumbers, and Do-it-Yourselfers


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gavril Muresan, a plumber from Glendale, AZ has created a safety plate for wiring and plumbing installed in metal studs.

Safety plates are often used on wooden studs to protect wiring and plumbing lines inside of wall cavities. These plates are typically required by code where utility lines are too close to the surface of the wall. Whenever someone drives a nail or inserts a screw, they will be stopped by the safety plate to prevent penetration of the wire, cable, or pipe. These plates are typically provided with spikes that are simply driven into the wood stud with a hammer. However, metal studs are becoming more and more popular. The market has responded with special metal plates that are fastened with adhesive peel-off tape. While such a method works, it is somewhat time consuming to apply. Also, these plates are difficult or even impossible to move or reposition after the initial install, often leading to damaged studs. In turn, Inventor Muresan created the Commercial Grade Safety Plate.

This clever new invention protects concealed wiring and plumbing lines. It is made of stamped steel. It allows for future movement and re-use. It helps comply with NEC requirements. The device is great for electricians, plumbers, and do-it-yourselfers. It is available in multiple sizes and styles to fit various applications. Act now!

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