ComforTrim protects ones lower legs while operating lawn care equipment.

  • Integrated High Impact Shin Protection
  • Ideal for Use While Operating String-Style Grass Trimmer or Weed Whacker
  • Protects Against Contact from Chemicals, Fertilizer, Pesticides, and Insects
  • Air Flows Through Invention To Keep The Wearer Cool
  • Can Be Used Over and Over
  • Great for Homeowners, Landscapers, Highway Departments
  • V-Cut Allows for Easy On & Off, as well as helps with Convection Cooling


Design Patent #D902,498

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Christy L. Huber and Troy L. Huber of Garden City, KS have created a device to protect ones lower legs while operating lawn care equipment.

Many people spend countless hours maintaining and beautifying their lawns and landscape. Powered lawn care equipment, chemicals, sprays and fertilizers are frequently used to keep lawn and garden areas looking their very best. However, yard work typically occurs in warm weather when one is wearing shorts. This means that ones bare legs are exposed to foreign matter that is propelled at high speeds at their legs. In addition to being exposed to equipment, chemicals, and the like, the lower leg is also exposed to insects such as mosquitoes, gnats, and flies. Inventors Huber were sick and tired of their shins getting hurt from flying debris and biting mosquitoes and insects while using their weed whacker. This is when the idea for ComforTrim was born.

This clever new invention is ideal for use while operating string-style grass trimmers or weed whackers in comfort. It also protects against contact from chemicals, fertilizer, pesticides, and insects. Air flows through the invention to keep the wearer cool. The protectors can be used over and over. ComforTrim is great for homeowners, landscapers, highway departments, and more!

Additional Information

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