Combination Wagon and Sleigh

The Combination Wagon and Sleigh is a pull-wagon for children that can convert into a sleigh.

  • Wagon and Sleigh in One
  • Fun Way to Transport Children
  • Great for Vacations
  • Can be used Year-Round
  • Durable Steel Design

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Kenneth L. Metzger of Harrod, OH has created a pull-wagon for children that can convert into a sleigh.Pull-wagons allow for the easy transportation of one or more children along with items needed for an outing away from home. Wagons are especially convenient for parents or caregivers that need an easy way to maneuver kids through crowds, or need to cover large distances with children in tow. However, wagons are not really suited for the winter months and must be set aside until the weather allows for their use once again. Inventor Metzger has created a means for a wagon to convert into a sleigh, so children and belongings can be easily transported any time of the year.This clever new invention is a wagon and sleigh in one. It is a fun way to transport children. It is great for vacations. It can be used year-round. It is designed from durable steel. The use of the Combination Wagon and Sleigh provides for the transporting of children and various items in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but can be used all throughout the year.
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