Combination Greeting and Gift Card

The Combination Greeting and Gift Card is a paper-based greeting cardwith an integral printed gift card inside.

  • Great for Any Occasion
  • Unique Barcodes Printed on Front of Gift Card
  • Custom Designed for Store Pick up or Ordered Online andPrinted
  • Available in Any Dollar Amount
  • EasyTo Recycle


Design Patent #D784,446

Story Behind the Invention

InventorsJulius T. Myricks and Yvonne G. Berscheid ofGrove City, OHhave created paper-based greeting cards with an integral printed gift card inside.

Giftcards are a big business in todays economic society.  They allow for the generation of a revenuestream for retailers that does not require a reduction in inventory or servicesuntil a later date, or perhaps ever, should the card not be redeemed orredeemed fully. However, they do suffer from some disadvantages. First, theyrequire a person to make a special trip to a retail store for purchase.Secondly, gift cards are typically enclosed inside of a greeting card, forcingthe purchase of an additional item on the part of the gift provider.Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, gift cards are made of plastic,which means they end up in landfills after use, and will take generationsbefore they break down, and disintegrate. Inventors Myricks and Berscheid have created fora means by which gift cards and greeting cards can be purchased in a mannerwhich addresses these concerns.

Thisclever new invention is great for any occasion. It uses unique barcodes printed on the frontof gift card. The invention can be custom designed for store pick up or orderedonline and then printed. It is available in any dollar amount. It is easy torecycle. The use of the CombinationGreeting and Gift Card makes giving andreceiving gift cards not only quick, easy, and effective, but environmentallyresponsible as well. 

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