Combination Bedding Assembly

The Combination Bedding Assembly keeps bedding together and allows for quick bed making.

  • Interchangeable Components
  • Connected Comforter and Bottom Sheet
  • Top Sheet and Blankets Secured by Zipper
  • Additional Blankets Can Be Used
  • Bed Never Looks Sloppy


Design Patent #D777,472

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jameson Forman of Woodland Hills, CAhas created a bedding assembly that keeps bedding together and allows for quickbed making.

Almost everyoneenjoys clean sheets on a freshly made bed. Likewise, almost everyone dreads thetraditional process of actually making the bed. The effort of positioning thesheets and blankets properly, coupled with the necessity of tucking the topsheet under the bed to complete the process, results in time and frustration. Additionally,the aggravation of sheets becoming un-tucked in the middle of the nightrequires the sleeper to get out of bed, tuck the sheets back in, only to havethe sheets come out a short time later. Inventor Forman hascreated a means to resolve the time and frustration of initially makingthe bed, along with the aggravation of sleep disruption due to sheets becomingun-tucked.

This clever new invention hasinterchangeable components. The comforter connects with the bottom sheet. Thetop sheet and blankets are secured by a zipper in a way reminiscent of asleeping bag. Additional blankets can be used. The invention ensures that thebed never looks sloppy. The use of the CombinationBedding Assembly reduces the time it takes to make a bedand eliminates aggravation in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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