Color Code System for Electrical Cable Connections

The invention isa unique color coding system for electrical switch leg circuit wiring.

  • NM or Romex Cable Style
  • Blue Outer Sheath
  • Blue Wire Replaces White
  • For Residential & Light Commercial Use
  • Provides Safer Wiring Installations
  • Speeds Installation Instructions



Story Behind the Invention

InventorDouglas E. Deeds of Little River, KShas developed a system to reduce confusion during the installation of electricalswitch leg circuit wiring.

Type NM or NMC cable,known as ROMEXTM, is one of the most common wiring methods in usetoday and can be found in most residential and light commercialconstruction.  Not only is it relativelycheap and quick to install, but it is available in a variety of sizes andconfigurations to suit all installation and circuiting requirements.  It is often made with three or four conductorscoming in four colors:   black, white, red, and bare.  Such color coding makes it easy to keepcircuiting correct when splicing many conductors together, but is sometimesconfusing during installation of a switch leg or at a later date ifmodifications are made to the circuit.  InventorDeeds has created a unique color codingsystem to eliminate the confusion and potential related safety issues.

This clever newinvention is similar to standard NM or ROMEXTM cable, but instead ofhaving a white outer sheath and a white wire inside the sheath, the inventionuses a blue color for both the sheath and the white wire.  These differences provide for safer wiringinstallations and speed installation instructions.  The invention can be used for residential orlight commercial construction applications. The use of the Color CodeSystem for Electrical Cable Connections allows electricians theability to more safely and quickly install switch legs using NM or NMC cable.

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