Collapsible Wagon

The invention is a multipurpose transport wagon. This wagon has two seatbelts, drink holders, facing bench seats with storage and is ideal for older children who do not want to ride in strollers. It can also transport adults, or larger household objects.

  • Collapsible & Folding Construction
  • Easily Maneuverable
  • No Assembly Required
  • Ideal for Transporting Older Children 
  • Perfect when Traveling by Air or Car
  • Great for Picnics, Camping & Trips to the Store


Utility Patent #8,944,459

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Amanda L. Hagy of New Braunfels, TX has created a multipurpose transport wagon with two seatbelts, drink holders, and facing bench seats with storage, for older children, adults, or transportation of large household objects.

A stroller allows for the easy transportation of one or more children along with all the equipment and supplies needed for their care during an outing away from home. However as children become older, they do not want to ride in a stroller as it is seen as something a baby does. The child also gets larger as they grow older, and thus are more difficult to move about. While an ordinary wagon can be used, such wagons typically do not have seats and are usually very large, making transportation in a motor vehicle extremely difficult. These same problems exist with older adults who may be disabled or elderly and require assistance during long periods of movement such as a trip to the store, a museum, or a local park. Inventor Hagy has created a means by which older children, adults, and everyday objects can be easily transported and moved without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention is collapsible and has folding construction. There is no assembly required. It is easily maneuverable and ideal for transporting older children. It is perfect for traveling by air or car and great for picnics, camping, and trips to the store. The use of the Collapsible Wagon with Integral Bench Seats provides for the moving of children, adults, or heavy and/or cumbersome loads in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but without the disadvantages of present methods.

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