Collapsible Tree Stand with Dolly

This invention is a portable hunting ladder tree stand with wheels for easy mobility into and out of the hunting area.

  • Effortless Setup & Tear Down
  • Easily Pushed/Pulled Through Woods
  • Smoothly Rolls Over Uneven Terrain
  • Reduces Aggravation Hauling Hunting Gear
  • Prevents Accidents & Injuries

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Gregory J. Davis of Meridian, MS, presents his patent pending combination tree stand and hand truck.

One of the most useful yet simple hunting products is the tree stand, which gives hunters an elevated and advantageous position. However, many locations prohibit permanently erecting such tree stands. Inventor Davis has developed a wheeled, portable tree stand that a hunter may easily transport through the forest to a desired hunting spot.

This clever new invention provides hunters with a tree stand in any desired location. It features wheels similar to that of a hand truck. To set up, the invention deploys a folding ladder section that may be leaned against a tree to provide a tree stand in virtually any location of the forest. The stand is also provided with ground anchors and a tree brace for secure setup. It also features a folding chair and footrest that sits atop the ladder. Furthermore, in its mobile state, the invention may be used to transport equipment and game. Use of the Collapsible Tree Stand with Dolly is particularly useful in game lands and other restricted hunting areas where all-terrain vehicles or other motorized vehicles are prohibited.

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