Portable, Collapsible Pen for Small Animals

The invention is a ventilated indoor pen made of plastic material that is intended to house small animals such as puppies or kittens.

  • Removable, Hinged Side Panels
  • Easy Setup & Take Down
  • Collapses for Storing or Transporting
  • Easy to Clean
  • Use as a Birthing Bed


Patent #D661,029

Story Behind the Invention

Puppies, kittens, andother small pets are a source of joy for their owners and can alwaysmake one smile. Their rambunctious nature and endless energy makethem fun to play with or even just be around. However, the pet ownermust attend to other responsibilities and household duties, and assuch, cannot spend unlimited time with these pets. Should pets beleft alone in a house, they are sure to get into trouble or evenhurt. They can be placed in a cardboard box, but such boxes areoften too small for them to play freely, and are only temporary untilthey figure out a way to chew through them. Permanent outside pensdo work, but their location makes it hard to keep a close eye on thepets, and does not work when the pets are transported to a friendsor relatives house.

To keep their own petsafe and happy, inventors Sanford Grigg andDoris Grigg of Pottsboro, TX, have developed acollapsible ventilated indoor pen made of plastic material forhousing small animals.

The Portable,Collapsible Pen for Small Animals is a portable indoor penfor small animals such as puppies or kittens. It is constructed of apair of opposing side wall panels attachable thereto a front and arear panel, and hingedly affixed to a base panel. In a deployedstate the apparatus provides a pen area that is approximately 3 feetsquare with a height of approximately 12 inches. The side and basepanels fold up like an accordion to provide a thickness of only a fewinches. The apparatus is provided with a storage bag for easytransport. This incredible mobility allows the invention to be usedanywhere, while providing the functionality of a full-sized permanentpet pen.

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