Collapsible Kayak

Our Collapsible Kayakis a one person kayak which can be folded in three pieces to save storage and transportation space. The front pointed bow simply folds into the hollow cavity of the stern connecting together into a full sized functional kayak.

  • Tightly Sealed to Prevent Leakage
  • Eliminates Lifting onto Roof of a Vehicle
  • Easily Transported in SUV or Trunk
  • Locks Together into Fully Rigid Watercraft
  • Perfect for Camping or Hunting

Story Behind the Invention

Many people enjoy recreational boating and turn to the use of a kayak to get out on the water, especially when fishing or just exploring local waterways and lakes when camping. Unfortunately, even small versions of such watercrafts must be transported by trailer or on the roof of a large car or truck. Then problems also arise on where to store such boats when they are not in use. Their odd size takes up a large amount of space in garages and storage sheds. Others may be forced to store them outside in the yard, thus sacrificing aesthetic appeal of their home. Inventor Herold has created a means by which kayaks can be modified to address the above mentioned deficiencies, yet remain fun and easy to use.

This clever new invention is tightly sealed to prevent leakage, and locks together to form a fully rigid watercraft. This new design can easily be transported in a SUV or truck without having to lift it onto the roof. It is the perfect kayak for camping or hunting. The use of the Collapsible Kayak provides users with the benefit of a full size kayak, but without the burden of storage or transport problems.
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