Collapsible Hoist for an Animal Carcass

The Collapsible Hoist for an Animal Carcass aids in the lifting and field dressing of deer and other large wild game.

  • Easy One Person Operation
  • Allows Heavy Game Animals to Be Lifted By Even the Smallest of User
  • Portable, Safe Operation
  • Ideal for Those Who Prepare Their Own Game
  • Easily Stored When Not in Use


Design Patent #D750,865

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Russell Iceton and Peggy Iceton of Black Diamond, AB have created an apparatus that aids in the lifting and field dressing of deer and other large wild game.

Inventors Iceton knew there was room for improvement in the task of field dressing killed game. Traditionally, hunters have relied on gambrels that pierce the rear or front legs of the animal, and are then hoisted in the air over a tree limb or other supporting structure during the field dressing operation. Or hunters gut on the ground in the cold winter weather. While these methods undoubtedly work, they require a great deal of energy and physical strength to hoist large game up in the air, and the requirement of a nearby tree suitable for the task. Additionally, when the field dressing is completed, the game must be lowered, and then lifted again to the bed of a pickup truck or similar vehicle. Inventors Iceton have created a wild game lift that attaches to a common receiver hitch. Wild game carcasses can be easily lifted with the use of a high strength steel cable. In this lifted position, the game can be gutted and field dressed. Afterward, a rotating joint allows animals to be lowered into the bed of a truck or like vehicle for transport.

This clever new invention allows for an easy one person operation. Heavy game animals can be lifted by even the smallest of user. It allows for a portable, safe operation. It is ideal for those who prepare their own game. The device is easily stored when not in use. The use of the Collapsible Hoist for an Animal Carcass allows hunters to field dress wild game in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but requires minimal physical exertion as well.

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