Coffee Maker With Automatic Metered Filling Means

Inventor Heffingtons patent pending invention called the Coffee Maker with Automatic Metered Filling Means connects to water supply piping and features automatic water level sensing switches to allow the user to select the desired amount of cups to be brewed by simply pushing a button.

  • Connects to Water Supply 
  •  Add Only Coffee 
  •  Replaceable Water Filter 
  •  Remote Control Option 
  •  Digitally Programmable


Utility Patent #8,171,843

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor, Matthew Allen Heffington of Loris, SC has invented an automatic coffee maker that works when connected to anyself-filling and automatically measured water tap connection.

In today's world, coffee is one of the most widespread and important aspects of many peoples mornings.  However, personal coffee makers are in many ways less convenient and easy to use than modern commercial models.  Inventor Heffington created the Coffee Maker With AutomaticMetered Filling Means to address this problem.  The concept of the invention is a home coffee machine that can automatically measure the correct amount of water to provide the user with a specified number of cups of coffee.

This clever new invention saves valuable time by connecting the coffee maker to a self-tapping water valve with a flexible hose.  The entire device can be operated by means of a remote control, and an audible alarm alerts the user when the coffee is ready. In addition, an integral water filter purifies all the water to provide maximum flavor.  The use of the Coffee Maker With Automatic Metered Filling Means is the perfect way to eliminate mess and hassle from your morning routine.

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