Cloth Diaper Cleaning Aid

The Cloth DiaperCleaning Aid is an apparatus that aids in the initial cleaning ofreusable cloth diapers.

  • Aids in Removal of Solids
  • Adjustable for all Diaper Sizes
  • Works with Diaper Sprayer
  • Folds for Easy Storage
  • For Round or Oval Toilets


Utility Patent 8,434,173

Story Behind the Invention

InventorBernadette Denise Drew of Abingdon, MDhas developed a device to make cleaning cloth diapers less of a hassle withlittle mess. 

Many of todaysparents have turned away from the use of disposable diapers and returned to usingcloth diapers.  Cloth diapers are lessexpensive, more comfortable in hot weather, and can be washed and reused tosave space in landfills.  Onedisadvantage to using cloth diapers is the necessity to pre-clean them to removesolid waste before washing.  Many resortto the use of a diaper sprayer to rinse waste into the toilet bowl.  This can be a difficult and messy job for oneperson, especially with elasticized diapers that need to be stretched out forproper cleaning.  The pressure from thediaper sprayer causes water to spray outside of the toilet bowl, makingclean-up more of a hassle.  Inventor Drew has created a way for cloth diapers to berinsed off without requiring help from others while containing the excess waterfrom the diaper sprayer. 

This clever new invention aids in the removal ofsolids in cloth diapers by holding the diaper taut in place above a toilet sothat it can be easily rinsed with a diaper sprayer.  The clips to hold the diaper in place areadjustable for all diaper sizes and can be used for round or oval toilets.  For the users convenience, the inventionfolds for easy storage in its included base. The use of the Cloth DiaperCleaning Aid allows soiled cloth diapers to be thoroughlycleaned faster and easier.
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