Cigarette Roach Clip

The Cigarette Roach Clip holds the end of cigarettes when they get small.

  • Easy to Clip on Cigarette
  • Keeps Hand and Fingers from Burning
  • Esthetically Pleasing
  • Lightweight and Durable
  • Can Be Used Many Times Over


Design Patent #D731,706

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Daniel Anthony Wilson of Vernon, BC has created a clip that holds the end of cigarettes when they get small.

Inventor Wilson has created this clip to keep hands and fingers safe while using cigarettes or medical marijuana. Not only does the invention protect hands from harm, it eliminates stained fingers from pouch tobacco users who smoke hand-rolled cigarettes. To use, one side of the device is pressed together, which opens the opposite side. This space is where a cigarette is placed. It closes around the cigarette or medical marijuana before use.

This clever new invention is easy to clip on a cigarette. It keeps hands and fingers from burning. It is esthetically pleasing. The clip is lightweight and durable. It can be used many times over. The use of the Cigarette Roach Clip protects a smokers hands in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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