Cigarette Lighter Holder Case with Clip

The Cigarette Lighter Holder/Case with Clip attaches to a pack of cigarettes for convenience.

  • Keeps Lighter Handy
  • Holds One Standard Disposable Lighter
  • When Lighter Runs Out, a New One is Simply Inserted in its Place
  • Could Be Given Away As Part of Advertising Campaign
  • Easy To Manufacture


Design Patent #D758,653

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Abraham M. Ayoub and Ibrahim M. Sabbagh of Ottawa, ON have created a lighter holder/case with clip for attaching to a pack of cigarettes. Their invention is ideal for all cigarette smokers!

For a smoker, locating a lighter can be an everyday nuisance. Then, when the lighter is found, it is often tossed aside or lost, only to have the user spend time looking for it again the next time a smoke is desired. In some cases, the lighter becomes permanently lost, forcing replacement. This is not only frustrating for the smoker, but increases costs. Inventors Ayoub and Sabbagh have created a means by which lighters can be stored with a package of cigarettes, so the lighter is always handy.

This clever new invention holds one standard disposable lighter. When the lighter runs out, a new one is simply inserted in its place. It is easy to manufacture. The invention could be given away as part of an advertising campaign. The use of the Cigarette Lighter Holder/Case with Clip allows one to always keep their cigarette lighter in the same consistent location, so it can be easily found next time it is needed.

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