Christmas Ornament with Motorcycle Motif

Kick start your holidays with this Christmas Ornament with Motorcycle Motif. This unique design will bring joy to any motorcycle enthusiasts Christmas tree.

  • Santa Boot on Kick Start Peg
  • Ideal Gift for Motorcycle Enthusiast
  • Use on Christmas Trees
  • Various Colors


Design Patent D678,814

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brian J. Gilligan of Albuquerque, NMhas created a uniquely designed Christmas ornament for motorcylceenthusiasts. 

The holidayseason is a time of great fun and happiness for almost everyone.  A great deal of the holiday cheer comes fromthe yearly traditions that are passed from generation to generation.  Perhaps the most well known of all traditionsis that of the Christmas tree.  Theprocess of putting it up and decorating it in ones home is an activity thatcan be enjoyed by all members of the family. However, it is always nice to be able to express individual interestswhen decorating the tree. InventorGilligan has created a means formotorcycle enthusiasts to express their interest and love of motorcycles whendecorating. 

This clever new invention features a Santa boot with akick start pedal.   It is the idealornament for motorcycle enthusiast, and would make a great gift.  It would most likely be hung from a Christmastree, and would be made available in different colors.  The use of the ChristmasOrnament with Motorcycle Motif allowsmotorcyle enthusiasts the opportunity to express their Christmas spirit.
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