Christmas Tree Watering Ornament

The invention is a decorative Christmas tree ornament that functions as a funnel system to aid in daily watering.

  • Lower maintenance watering method
  • Keeps trees healthy
  • Clips for attaching tubing to branches
  • Interchangeable ornaments
  • Works with house plants


Utility Patent # 7,757,435

Story Behind the Invention

Most people who bring cut evergreen trees into their home to use as Christmas trees during the holiday season do a fairly good job of keeping it watered for the first few days. After that, the novelty wears off, and other tasks associated with the busy holiday season soon take priority. After a few days with no water, the tree will begin to look lifeless, dry out and lose its healthy green color. Any water provided after that does little or no good in attempting to revive it. Perhaps the most dangerous aspect of this situation is that the tree has now become a fire hazard. Any spark, flame or high heat could set is ablaze in seconds. The chaos of the holiday season is not the only cause of infrequent watering. Being that physically watering the tree is somewhat difficult to do, as it requires bending over, kneeling down, and even crawling, it poses an inconvenience for many and an impossibility for the elderly or disabled. Accordingly, there is a need for a means by which Christmas trees can be ensured an adequate amount of water that is easily replenished without the difficulties described above. The development of the Christmas Tree Watering Ornament fulfills this need.

Inventor Kenny Boskofsky of Shoreline, WA has developed a decorative Christmas tree ornament that functions as a funnel system to aid in daily watering.

This clever innovation utilizes clips to attach tubing to the branches. The tubes work with a reservoir system that receives its supply by simply filling interchangeable ornaments with water. Also compatible with house plants, this method provides a lower-maintenance watering system that keeps trees healthy throughout the holiday season. The use of the Christmas Tree Watering Ornament offers a highly convenient method of keeping trees from drying out, thus keeping them green and healthy and eliminating fire hazards.

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