Chisel Ice Drill Bits

The invention is an elongated drill bit with diamond shaped blades that is used to drill holes for ice fishing.

  • Rubber Splash Guard
  • Stainless Steel Design
  • Used With Cordless Drill
  • Available in Multiple Size Blades
  • Eliminates Use of Hand Auger


Utility Patent #8,646,547

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors John E. Johnson and Eric E. Crowe of Daleville, IN have developed a new elongated drill bit that is specifically designed to drill holes in ice for ice fishing.

Ice fishing is an increasingly popular pastime. However, the process of drilling the hole for ice fishing is either time consuming, difficult, or expensive. The inventors created the Chisel Ice Drill Bit to help solve this problem. This unique attachment has a serrated edge and diamond shaped bits that are specifically designed to help cut through ice with ease.

This clever new invention incorporates an optional rubber splash guard attachment and a stainless steel design. The bit is designed to work with a cordless drill setup, thereby eliminating the need for a hand or gas powered auger. Furthermore, the bit is available in multiple sizes to accommodate various needs and preferences. The use of the Chisel Ice Drill Bit is a safe way to enhance your next ice fishing experience.

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