Toilet Seat Lifter

The invention is a handle designed to assist a child in lifting a toilet seat without touching it.

  • Helps Small Children Lift Toilet Seats
  • Does Not Impede Use Of Toilet Seat
  • Helps Keep Child Healthy & Clean
  • Attaches And Removes Without Tools
  • Great For Schools & Daycare Centers
  • Can Be Used By All Ages


Design Patent D684,837

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor David J. Maldonado of Tucson, AZ has designed a handle that assists a child in lifting a toilet seat.

As any parent will attest, the ritual of toilet training is among the most important of a childs developmental achievements. While every parent or caregiver has their own story of what worked best and helped their child the most, the one thing almost all of these stories has in common is the toilet itself. As a child learns to master an adult sized toilet, he or she is often forced to raise or lower the toilet seat. Many children find such a task difficult to perform due to their small physical size. Those children who are capable of lifting the toilet seat expose their small hands to a multitude of germs and bacteria. This contamination, coupled with the poor hygiene habits of the typical child, is a recipe for disaster. Inventor Maldonado has created a means by which small children can lift toilet seats easily and without the germs.

This clever new invention helps small children lift the toilet seat easily and safely, yet does not impede the use of the seat. It easily attaches and detaches without the use of tools. Even though it is meant for use by children anyone could use the invention to lift the toilet seat germ free. The invention would be great for schools and daycare centers. The use of the Toilet Seat Lifter allows children or toddlers to use full-size adult toilets in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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