Child Flotation Device Worn by Caregiver

The invention is a supportive floatation system for an infant or child that is worn by an adult for use in a pool or similar environment.

  • Holds Child Close to Care Provider at Waist Level
  • Adjustable Waist to Fit Any Adult
  • Instills Confidence in the Water for an Infant or Child
  • Allows Freedom for a Child to Move Arms and Legs
  • Provides Peace of Mind for Care Provider
  • Lightweight Design & Easy to Store 


Patent #D651,273

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Deanna Marie Grahamof PointOf Rocks, MDhas designed a simple and secure device to allow adults to hold smallchildren in the water without having to hold the child in their arms.

Infantsand children require the utmost care in order to protect them andkeep them safe from harm. As a result, there are numerous productsintended to protect children from any possible danger, such as childcar seats, childproof toys, and walkers, just to name a few examples. While the list of safety products is seemingly endless, one areathat could use improvement is protective gear for swimming. Ofcourse, an adult can hold the child in the water, but then they aregenerally prohibited from playing in it. Additionally, the parent orcare provider is then unable to care for other children who may alsobe in the water. Inventor Grahamhas created a means by which young children can be protected fromharm when in water, yet be afforded a playful and fun experience aswell.

Thisclever new invention has an adjustable waist so that it can fit anysize adult and holds the child comfortably at about waist level. Itallows both the child and caregiver to have freedom of movement andalso helps to instill confidence in the child while in the water. Additionally, the invention is made of lightweight foam and is easyto store when not in use. The ChildFlotation Device Worn by Caregiverprovides an easy and effective way to increase safety and comfort forinfants during water-based activities in order to provide peace ofmind for their care provider.

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