Charging System For Electric Vehicles

InventorKimbles patent pending invention called the Charging System for Electric MotorVehicles utilizes exterior ductwork to produce electrical power for an electricvehicle as it moves.

  • Eliminates Fuel Costs 
  • Wind Speed-Activated Electrical Generator 
  • Will Not Impede Vehicle Performance 
  • Environmentally Friendly 
  • Easy to Use & Maintain

Story Behind the Invention

Mankind hasrelied on various sources of energy to survive. These sources have included wood, coal, oil, wind, water, and nuclearenergy to name a few.   As each form ofenergy was discovered, the search continued for the next, better form ofenergy.  The ultimate goal has alwaysbeen to develop an energy source that does not require replenishment, does notrequire the consumption of natural resources, is continuous in operation, hasno objectionable side effects and does not suffer from the emission ofpollutants.  However, each form of energythat has been discovered is associated with one or more of these. Accordingly,there is a need for a means by which energy can be produced without the adverseeffects listed above.

A systemsengineer, inventor Denny Kimble ofAurora, Colorado has developed a new innovation that utilizes wind to produceelectrical power for an electric vehicle as it moves.  

The ChargingSystem for Electric Motor Vehicles utilizes a tapered air duct locatedin the interior roof of the motor vehicle. The opening of the air duct is above the windshield.  As the vehicle moves forward, the air isforced into the air duct.  In the insideof the air duct are wind turbines.  Theturbines turn a generator which uses gold spun wire windings, whose output isused to operate the vehicle and in turn charge the vehicle batteries.  The invention provides for virtuallyunlimited clean, quiet, and free electrical power to use to run a vehicle. 

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