Chalkboard Shoes

Chalkboard Shoes is a line of footwear that can be written upon with chalk

  • Eye-Catching and Unique
  • Write Words, Phrases, or Draw Pictures
  • Can Be Erased and Used Over and Over
  • Chalk Can Be Stored Within Shoe
  • Available in Various Sizes and Styles


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Amber L. Baerenwald, a childcare worker from Appleton, WI has created a line of footwear that can be written upon with chalk.

Now you can create endless designs with Chalkboard Shoes! Make shoes your own! Write words, phrases, or draw pictures on your shoes.

The invention provides wearers the ability to change the look and fashion of their footwear in a manner which is not only quick, easy and effective, but fashionable and affordable as well!

This clever new invention is eye-catching and unique. Shoes can be erased and their chalkboard surface can be used over and over. Chalk is able to be stored within the shoe. If desired, an eraser can be tied to the laces of the shoe. The invention is for use with all kinds of shoes or boots including: athletic shoes, dress shoes, childrens shoes, casual shoes and more!

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