Center Foot Rest for Wheelchairs

The invention is a low-profile center foot restfor use on wheelchairs.

  • Provides Centrally Located Foot Rest  
  • Allows Use in Small Spaces 
  • Adjustable  For All Wheelchairs 
  • Permanently or Temporarily Attached 
  • Increases Independence


Utility Patent #8,191,913

Story Behind the Invention

InventorEmmett A. Jessome of Whitecourt, ABhas developed a low-profile center foot rest to be used on wheelchairs.

People withphysical disabilities, such as the elderly, the handicapped, or thoserecovering from injuries face many difficulties when performing everyday tasks.  The physically disabled that are confined to wheelchairsmust often bear the most severe challenges. Many of these challenges arise when using their wheelchair in confinedlocations such as a hallway or bathroom. There is a loss of mobility in these close quarters that is often causedby the two front foot rests that extend forward from the chair.  Any attempt to simply turn the chair causesthese foot rests to bump nearby objects leading to increased frustration.  Inventor Jessomehas created a means by which wheelchair users can be afforded a foot rest, butwithout the mobility blocking protrusions of conventional foot rests.

This clevernew invention is an adjustable centrally located foot rest for wheelchairs.  It allows those bound to a wheelchair greatermobility in confined spaces, which leads to a greater sense of independence.  The use of the CenterFoot Rest for Wheelchairs allows wheelchair users to easily move about in tightquarters without the inefficiencies and disadvantages of conventionalside-mounted foot rests.

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