Cellular Phone Holder and Display

The Cellular Phone Holder and Display is a table-top support stand for cell phones intended for use at home, restaurants, or businesses for convenience and protection from accidental spills.

  • Holds Phone at Inclined Angle
  • Prevents Phone Damage and Costly Replacement
  • Non-Slip Rubber Feet
  • Provides Competitive Advantage for Restaurants and Businesses
  • Area for Advertising on Both Sides


Utility Patent #9,677,704

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Joseph M. Thelen of Leawood, KS has created a table and desktop support stand for cell phones intended for use at restaurants, homes, and businesses for convenient viewing and advertising.

Cell phones and smart phones not only provide phone service, email and internet access, but also serve as a viewing device for videos and movies. These devices go everywhere with us, including dining, office, and home locations. Their flat position requires a user to hold up the device, or at least tilt it to be able to see or read it. Additionally, these devices are exposed to possible beverage spills on tables where even a small amount of liquid can mean serious damage, and costly replacement of the phone. Inventor Thelen has created a means by which cell phones can be protected and more easily viewed from a table or desktop.

This clever new invention holds a phone at an inclined angle. It helps to prevent phone damage and costly replacement. The device has non-slip rubber feet. It is washable and dishwasher safe. It provides a competitive advantage for restaurants and businesses without these devices. The use of the Cellular Phone Holder and Display allows for easy use of ones cell phone or smart phone while eating, relaxing, or working, while also protecting it from possible damage.

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