Cell Phone Carrier with Interchangeable Jewelry

The invention is a neck lanyard system for holding a portable cellular phone or other mobile communication devices. It consists of a neck lanyard, a leather and spandex case, decorative elements such as jewelry, and graphic elements or embroidered icons.

  • Worn around Users Neck
  • Prevents Losing Personal Electronic Devices
  • Easily Interchangeable
  • Low-Key, Discreet or Decorative Options Available
  • Keeps Devices Handy without Carrying, In Pocket, Or On Belt

Story Behind the Invention

Wireless communication devices such as cellular phones and smart phones have seen a tremendous increase in usage in recent years. Almost all of these devices have cases with belt clips to allow the device to be worn about ones waist. While this method is certainly better than carrying the wireless device, it does have some disadvantages. First, the device is difficult to access quickly. Second, many users, particularly women who may be wearing dresses, do not have a suitable attachment point about the waist for the phone. Third, individuals such as joggers, bicycle riders, and the like may accidently lose the case and phone due to the strenuous movement during their exercise routine. Finally, many users are looking to make a fashion statement that does not include wearing a phone about the waist. Inventor Wathen has created a means by which wireless communication devices can be more easily and safely accessed in a fashionable manner.

This clever new invention is worn around the users neck to prevent the loss of personal electronic devices. Several options would be made available including decorative or low-key. Additionally it keeps devices hand without having to carry them in a pocket or on ones belt. The use of the Cell Phone Carrier with Interchangeable Jewelry not only allows one to always keep their cellular phone or other electronic device handy and, but prevents its loss as well, in a manner which is simple, effective, and stylish.

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