Ceiling Fan Switch Actuator Tool

Our Ceiling Fan Switch Actuator Tool allows users to easily control ceiling fans by using the slightly bent rod shaped device to reach all controls from the ground.

  • Does Not Require Chair or Ladder
  • “U” Shaped Hook for Grasping Pull Chains
  • Squared End for Directional Switch
  • Ideal for Elderly & Handicapped
  • Customized Integrated Hand Grip


Design Patent # D687,271

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Shawn McDougal and Shaney Meador of Mineral Wells, TX have designed a way to easily control ceiling fans from ground level.

Ceiling fans are commonly used in improve airflow in homes and businesses all over the world. They work by more-evenly distributing air layers near the ceiling that may be warmer or cooler than the layers where people are located. In doing so, they help to reduce energy bills and provide a more comfortable living environment. However, due to ceiling levels some fans are located rather high up, which makes it difficult for the user to adjust the fan speed and any lighting settings that may be available. Often the user may use a ladder or chair to access the pull string; however, this can be dangerous and in most certainly time consuming. Inventors McDougal and Meador have created a means by which ceiling fans can be safely adjusted as often as needed.

This clever new invention does not require the use of a chair or ladder to adjust the fan speed and/or lighting. It utilizes a U-shaped hook to grasp the pull chain. Additionally, it also has a square end for directional switches. The invention is great for homes with high ceiling fans, and also ideal for the elderly and handicapped. The use of the Ceiling Fan Switch Actuator Tool makes it easy to adjust fan speeds and the like from the ground.

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